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Competition Information:


1. Qualifying Submission Criteria


Qualifying Submissions: To qualify for the skill-based portion of the contest, the entrepreneur cannot have received more that $100,000 in external funding by the start of the competition. The entrepreneur must be located within the United States of America The entrepreneur must be 18+ years of age by the start of the competition. The entrepreneur DOES NOT need to have a physical or minimum viable product to enter. To qualify for free entry to the $100 giveaway, there is no restriction on the funding or revenue received - just submit the competition entry form.


2. Contest Judging Criteria


Judging: The Contest entries will be judged based on: All competition entries will be judged based on the 4 criteria listed here:

a. Novelty of the idea

b. Feasibility of the idea

c. Market desirability

d. Size of the market


The top 10 contestant will be contacted to submit an additional 90 second pitch video, where each startup will pick the winner to receive their respective prize. Judging will be conducted by Each of the competition partners will assist in the judging of the competition winners.


3. Submission & Idea Privacy Notice

Submissions into the Venture Validator B2C Startup Competition contain information about your idea or products that you have come up with. Venture Validator nor its competition partners will sell your submission information to a third party. However, all competition participants are hereby informed that Venture Validator is not responsible for the intellectual property, ideas, or product descriptions that a contestant shares. Under no circumstance, through the duration of the competition or after, does Venture Validator guarantee the complete privacy of the information you share. If you have an idea that needs patent protection, we suggest you first consult with an Intellectual Property Attorney to submit a provisional patent to protect your idea from possible public disclosure. 

4. Questions?


Any further questions regarding the criteria, rules, & details about the Venture Validator B2C Startup Competition can be accessed through the "View Rules" tab at the bottom of the entry form. 

Access to the form is linked HERE for your convenience. 

Any further questions can be addressed via email to

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