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B2B Screening Questions

Business to Business solutions may require additional screening questions to verify that a business is in your target market.

Market Desirability

The biggest assumption for startups is market desirability, measured by the Wow! Factor Score. However, modifications to existing products or enterprises do not need to focus on this score.

We aren't looking for opinions, we are looking for potential customers. These are people who own a similar product, engage in a specific activity, or are in a certain demographic.

How to Find Customers

When receiving feedback, focus on the comments made by your love group (brand champions) and the swing group. See if your swing group can convert to the love group

Your Love Group

Here we need to clearly match our product with the correct market. If we don't have the correct market we won't get usable data.

Product Market Fit

Questions are key to performing a perfect interview. If done correctly you will find your target customers and get their true opinions.

The Perfect Interview

Entrepreneurs Love Us 

Young Male

George M.

"This allowed us to iterate much faster than manually collecting the results ourselves."

Screen Shot 2019-09-21 at 9 (1).png

John D.

"Getting the price analysis done was invaluable. Anyone trying to build a business would benefit from this data."

Screen Shot 2019-09-21 at 9.png

Doran P.

"Awesome information! Venture Validator is definitely worth the cost of the service."

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Validate your Idea

If you'd like to use Venture Validator's processes to validate your own idea, create your Product Description by clicking on the link below and then watch the following videos! If you'd like us to validate your idea, go to our Idea Stage page.

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