"The survey was started and returned in just a couple of days, saving us lots of time! I was impressed at the thoroughness of the summary; grouping all the free form results into similar categories made for an easy read. Overall, the process was helpful and allowed us to iterate much faster than manually collecting the results ourselves."

- Bob D. 

"I tested an idea involving blockchain technology. I had a lot of difficulties articulating my business in a way that made sense to the average consumer. A consultant worked with me for two hours to refine the wording. It was so helpful to get outside input on how to explain such a complex idea. 


In the end, my score wasn't a slam dunk, but

this research definitely helped me with seeing where I am at with product-market fit. I'm glad to know that the idea is only a 7.3 and would need tweaking if I am to continue. I really appreciate the tremendous help! 


I've referred two friends already, and I'll reach out again when Iā€™m ready to test my next idea."

- Amy C.

"This service is amazing! I would do it again in a heartbeat! Everyone in my accelerator got their Venture Validator reports and it was super eye-opening (I scored the highest with an 8.5).


I had been struggling with knowing which of five different value propositions I should market. The qualitative feedback portion of the survey made it really obvious which value prop was the most important message. I have since rebranded my website to reflect the value proposition that resonates most with my customers and now my marketing is much clearer.


My Kickstarter was successful and now I am in talks with investors!"

- Kyle S.

"Getting the price analysis done is invaluable, and anyone trying to build a business would benefit from that data. The paid version of my app got a lot of push back in the qualitative feedback section. Knowing this now, before I've built anything, is helpful as I can explore other revenue options. "

- John D.

"Awesome information. Definitely worth the cost of the service. The pricing analysis and comments are eye-opening and a bit surprising to me since I've never really researched the idea in depth."

- Doran P.

"My firm had a consulting project that was quickly approaching a deadline. We had two weeks until we had to present our client with our recommendations on what business idea to pursue in the education sector. I had heard good things about Venture Validator, so my team and I decided to outsource the work.


In just three days we got product-market fit scores on five different ideas. This helped us easily identify the top two solutions. Everything in the reports was organized in an easy-to-read manner. The results were very clear and easy to work with. This was well worth the money!"  

- George P.

"I felt stuck on my idea until I did the product-market fit survey. Before working with a consultant to write my product description I had an idea for one mega app with lots of features. The consultant helped me realize that I was really lumping three separate ideas into one. He said I was trying to build Facebook 2019 (an app that is way overloaded with features and extraordinarily expensive to build) and that I needed to boil it down to Facebook 2004. He helped me split my mega idea into 3 well-crafted product descriptions. I decided to test each idea with the product-market fit survey so I could easily see which one was best.


Two of my ideas scored under 6.7, but one got a 7.6. Now I have a clear path on which idea to pursue. I highly recommend Venture Validator!"

-Spencer P.