Some Products We've Tested

It's all about opportunity costs. You have lots of good ideas, but limited resources, so only spend your time on the truly great ones. We help identify the great ones.

8.7 Product: Anonymous storytelling app

      Market: College Students

8.6 Product: Portable laptop chargers for rent

      Market: Business travelers in airports

8.5 Product: market research for Startups

      Market: Entrepreneurs with consumer products

Great Ideas

(Awesome idea. You have a very high level of market desirability. Now make sure you have technical feasibility and financial viability.)

8.5 Product: Hiking pole with built-in water filter

      Market: Hikers

8.3 Product: Interstate audio tour guide app

      Market: Roadtrippers

8.2 Product: New twist on nordic Spas

      Market: Millennials

8.0 Product: Action app for self-improvement books

      Market: People who read self-help books

7.9 Product: Extreme slip-n-slide jump

      Market: College students

Good Ideas

You definitely have a good idea, but how can you make it great? True validation is a rigorous journey with lots of risks. Are you sure you want to start that journey with an idea that is just "good".

“People think focus means saying yes to the thing you've got to focus on. But that's not what it means at all. It means saying no to the hundred other good ideas that there are. You have to pick carefully. I'm actually as proud of the things we haven't done as the things I have done. Innovation is saying no to 1,000 things.”

-Steve Jobs

7.7 Product: Flask-shaped metal hydration pack

      Market: Outdoor enthusiasts 

7.7 Product: Collapsible cooking pot

      Market: Backpackers

7.6 Product: Trade school boot camp

      Market: Jobseekers looking to test their aptitude

7.6 Product: Leasable season passes

      Market: Season pass holders

7.5 Product: Career accelerator app

      Market: Professionals who feel stuck in their job

7.5 Product: Crowdsourced audiobooks

      Market: Audiobook listeners

7.4 Product: Project-based learning community 

      Market: People wanting to learn crafts

7.3 Product: Google drive-like portal for decentralized cloud storage

      Market: Non-technical females with secure file storage concerns

7.2 Product: After-school program that teaches hobbies

      Market: Moms of 4-8th graders

Not Good Enough Ideas

6.9 Product: Individual in-home tutoring for $100/hr

      Market: Parents of special-needs kids

(Need refinement to the product or market to be good)

6.7 Product: Crowdsourced audiobooks

      Market: Audiobook listeners

6.3 Product: If Youtube and Podcasts had a baby

      Market: Millennials 

6.2 Product: Step-in binding conversion kit

      Market: All snowboarders

Bad Ideas

Note: When we recognize a bad idea during the client call, we tell it as we see it (free of charge), then we give the entrepreneur tools to confirm our rating through interviews. We actually turn down about 50% of would-be-clients because their idea doesn't have a shot at being great. 

(Kill the idea, there is no hope)

4.3 Product: Portable footrest for rent with blanket, pillow & sleep mask

      Market: Airport travelers with layovers