You're an investor and need to screen startups for product-market fit?

Let us do the work.

We survey the target market so you know:

Our 10-point scale identifies if an idea has enough product-market fit to justify seed investment.

If the idea is good

What customers dislike

Founders are biased. Know what the target market doesn't like about the product.

The optimal price point

We use data to determine the optimal price so that you can project revenue more accurately.

Let Us Screen Your Deals

Use data not gut

We use a proven scientific process to predict the potential for product-market fit.

Rankings make it easy

Don't waste time on startups who score under 7.5. Now you can focus your due diligence efforts on quality deals.

Invest in winners

You'll increase your hit rate and ROI because you're only investing in companies who have the potential to be winners.

Most babies grow up to be ugly.  We help you identify the cute ones.

Business Model Canvas

The best validation comes from the use of an MVP (prototype), but this can take months to do.

We test the level of product-market fit now to verify that a startup idea merits a more expensive and time-intensive validation journey.

Innovation Trinity

You need to validate: if people want the solution, if it's possible to build it, and if it would be profitable. 

Before you fund it, let us help you know how badly people want it. 

Our Validation Seal Certifies 

the Assumptions in Green

Products should not be built, admitted into accelerators,
or receive funding without a Product-Market Fit Score over 7.5

Pricing for Consumer Panels


Customers Surveyed

 Product-Market Fit Seal



Price Analysis


Customers Surveyed

 Product-Market Fit Seal



Price Analysis


Customers Surveyed

 Product-Market Fit Seal


We make validation easy.

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Client Report

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Entrepreneurs Love Us 

George M.

"This allowed us to iterate much faster than manually collecting the results ourselves."

John D.

"Getting the price analysis done was invaluable. Anyone trying to build a business would benefit from this data."

Doran P.

"Awesome information! Definitely worth the cost of the service."